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6 KEYS of Lifestyle Medicine


Plant-Based Whole Foods  |  Exercise + Movement 

Manage Stress Intentionally  |  Q2 Sleep

Social Connection  |  Stop the S.A.D (smoking, alcohol, drugs)

These 6 keys of lifestyle medicine are the foundation for everything I do in clinical practice because they are what open the door to a healthier, fuller life - without the use of prescription drugs or side effects. 

We all deserve to live in a body that feels good and unencumbered by chronic disease.  These keys will get you there.​ 


Click the links below to explore helpful strategies and tools to incorporate each essential key into your life.  I will also include easy plant-based recipes, tips for raising plant-based kids, contributions from other experts in the field of lifestyle medicine and wellness, and more.  Check back regularly or subscribe and we'll keep you in the lifestyle loop!      

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