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  • Dr. Aimee Warren

Dr. Aimee Warren

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! My name is Dr. Aimee Warren -- welcome to my little internet office space (aka blog) where I'll share all the best teachings, tools, and tips I use in my medical practice to help my patients and their families to live healthier and feel better while avoiding prescriptions and the long slow downward spiral toward chronic disease.

Very early in my career, I quickly realized that I was not the typical doctor type and spent the next many years feeling like I had made a really bad career choice. I didn’t feel like I was genuinely helping people when all I was doing was rushing between patients' rooms and doling out pills. I was drowning in a flood of 10-minute appointments and quick prescriptions and wanted to quit medicine altogether. Every day I would wake up feeling heavy and burned out.

With the help of a really amazing therapist, my wonderful family, and listening to myself -- my own inner knowing -- I've leaned into the areas of medicine that I love and that I know make the biggest impact in the lives of my patients. I've always been passionate about nutrition and lifestyle as the bedrock for true health and once I owned that truth and stopped trying to fit into the Western medicine machine, I began to love medicine again and claim my unique space as a healer, a guide, and perpetual learner -- because my patients teach me more than I could ever teach them.

Using the principles of Lifestyle Medicine, my blog is a place where I'll share stories, teachings, recipes, healthy habits, and everything else I share with my patients every day to help reclaim true health -- in body, mind, and spirit. I'll give practical, inexpensive, and simple strategies to living the longest, healthiest, most joyful life possible - because we all deserve to feel good in our bodies and to do so without prescriptions or side effects. I hope you'll follow along, share with your loved ones, and use this space to find meaningful change in your life.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is a medical specialty that emphasizes the 6 pillars of lifestyle to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In my practice, I also look to lifestyle medicine as an essential tool to address mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, problems with digestion, and skin problems. I've seen dramatic shifts in every realm of disease when we use lifestyle medicine as our guide.

Practice Manifesto

Keeping my sanity as a primary care physician means I have to practice in a way that feels right and good to me. I created a little practice manifesto to help me keep sight of what's most important - even when the day gets super busy and hectic; and also to make myself lol - or at least salts (smile a little then stop).

Each blog post will highlight the different pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and offer helpful tips for incorporating more healthy habits and rituals into your daily life. I'll also share easy and fast plant-based recipes, tips for getting kids (and adults) to eat more plants (a work in progress at our house), simple at-home remedies that might save you a trip to the doctor's office, and lots more.

You have important work to do on this planet that only you can do -- each of us is uniquely gifted and the world needs your gifts. The road to finding your purpose, feeling your best, and living your most full and beautiful life is paved by self and soul care. Your body is the vehicle and can either hold you back or transport you to the fullest expression of yourself. Taking care of your body - and your mind and spirit - is your compass. I'll be here as a guide.

Feel free to leave a comment if you are nice.



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